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custom_mapATTENTION: Potential Sulfide Mine Threatens
NE Wisconsin & Michigan's Upper Peninsula!

If you live in the Menominee River Watershed area, you may be affected by the proposition of a sulfide mine being developed just north of Menominee, MI.


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Potential and Proposed Mining Activity for the Great Lakes Region

Potential and Proposed Mining Activity Great Lakes Region (PDF Version)










Department of Justice: Investigate mining corruption in Michigan

We, the undersigned concerned citizens, respectfully request the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the corruption and collusion between the State of Michigan and executives of multinational mining companies in Michigan.

High-ranking State of Michigan regulators joined with mining industry executives to form the Northern Michigan Geologic Repository Association (NMGRA) as a ‘non-profit’ corporation to house core samples for the industry -- outside of public scrutiny.

State regulatory officials found time to form a private entity with mining executives but have repeatedly failed to enforce Michigan's environmental and safety regulations at the Eagle Mine.

We demand a full investigation of these ties and accountability of regulatory agencies.








"Guatemalans can sue HudBay in Canada, judge rules"

Miner faces lawsuits over alleged rapes and violence at Guatemalan mine unit  



Local note:  the HudBayMinerals-acquired mine in question was a NICKEL mine.  
Also, The armed goons were brought in to "PROTECT" said mine from indigenous protesters.  Hmm.  That sound familiar?
In a larger sense, it sounds like this sets legal precedence for foreign operations -- you can be held responsible in CA if you @#$%^&* up in South America, North America, etc.
"As a result of this ruling, Canadian mining corporations can no longer  hide behind their legal corporate structure to abdicate responsibility  for human rights abuses that take place at foreign mines under their  control at various locations throughout the world," said Murray  Klippenstein, lawyer for the 13 indigenous Mayans, in a press statement.







BREAKING NEWS July 3, 2012

8:02 AM
(Reuters) - Aquila Resources Inc said joint venture partner HudBay Minerals Inc has decided to suspend development activities at the Back Forty zinc project in Michigan due to its capital commitments to other development projects.

Base metal miner HudBay, which traces its roots back more than 80 years to the Flin Flon mine in northern Manitoba, has been looking to expand its asset base in Peru.

Aquila owns 49 percent interest in the advanced stage exploration gold-zinc project, while HudBay holds the rest.

"The Back Forty project is in the final phases of permit preparation and remains a highly prospective development prospect," said Aquila CEO Tom Quigley.

The estimated production rate at Back Forty is 3,150 tonnes per day and the mine is expected to have a life of 8 to 10 years, according to HudBay's website.

HudBay is also terminating the strategic exploration alliance with Aquila.

Shares of Aquila closed at 24 Canadian cents on Friday on the Toronto Stock Exchange, HudBay shares closed at C$7.85. 




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